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Import any number of CVs to instantly identify top matches against any job title with AI relevancy.


Create interactive applications to assess your applicants and learn more about them before the interview.

Email Screeners

Get applicants ranked instantly every time an applicant sends their CV by email.

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Unlimited recruitment power.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is HireHunt?

HireHunt is a recruitment technology platform that helps employers win the talent war with the power of Artificial Intelligence, automation and interactivity.

Using a powerful selection of online tools like CV screeners, chat-bot applications and interactive assessments, employers of all sizes are able to cut up to 80% of their recruitment process so they can focus on hiring the best calibers. HireHunt offers paid solutions for Sourcing and Screening while providing a smart Applicant Tracking System and Employer Branding tools to use for free.

HireHunt can be used as a full recruitment solution or it can be integrated with any other ATS, job board or sourcing channels.

Some have described HireHunt as:

  • An Applicant Tracking System powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • A "swiss army knife" of recruitment power-tools for those hiring top calibers
  • A recruitment experience that goes far beyond the job description and the CV
  • An evolution in how employers and talents interact and identify matches

Do I pay anything to interview or hire?

No, you don't pay anything to interview or hire. You can interview and hire every single applicant you get for no extra charge, without limits.

Is HireHunt an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Yes, HireHunt is an Applicant Tracking System powered by Artificial Intelligence. You can track, save, tag, import/export, bulk message, group share, review, schedule interviews, etc.

Is HireHunt a job board?

No, HireHunt is not a job board. Job boards are limited in the talent they have, which is often outdated CVs resulting in a low response rate.

So on HireHunt, we made the entire social web our talent pool. That's why campaigns on HireHunt launches your job ad to other networks to source from the freshest channels every time.

Do other employers get access to my applicants?

No other employer has access to your applicants or any of your activity. However, similar to other job sites like LinkedIn, if candidates independently complete their full profile on HireHunt and actively start applying to other jobs then only then will they be seen by other employers.

All data on HireHunt is 100% securely hosted. You can view our privacy policy here or learn more about our special Enterprise solutions which can provide on-premises hosting of your data.

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