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Screen CVS

Import any number of CVs to instantly identify top matches against any job title with AI relevancy.


Create interactive applications to assess your applicants and learn more about them before the interview.

Email Screeners

Get applicants ranked instantly every time an applicant sends their CV by email.


How to Hire in 2018

Intro: How to Hire in 2018

The Talent War is real and HireHunt is here to help you win it.

Traditional methods are losing their effectiveness more every year. HireHunt provides intelligent and interactive recruitment technologies to help you optimize sourcing, screening, employer branding and applicant tracking in your recruitment process.

HireHunt can be used as a full recruitment solution or it can be integrated with any other ATS, job board or sourcing channels that you use.

This guide will help you get the most out of HireHunt, no matter if you’re hiring in a company of 5 or 500,000.

Hunts: Positions you are hiring for

Hunts bring your job vacancies to life, to attract and interact with your future hires quicker and more efficiently.

To create a hunt, you just specify the position and add questions that you would like to ask candidates when they apply (for free).

Interactive wizards help you with every step, from generating job descriptions to suggesting assessment questions.

If you already have a job description, you can simply import it (or write the URL of an online job application) and the import wizard can convert it into a hunt.

  • You can choose to add specific questions/assignments that will only be sent to finalists after you manually select them.
  • After creating a hunt, you can share the Application Link or Screening Email to any of your networks (for free).
  • We will start suggesting matches for you in your Talent Feed that are matching for this position.

Tip: If you already have a career site that lists your vacancies, just send us an email at admin@hirehunt.com with the subject line 'Career Site Import' and write the URL of your career site in the email. Within 24 hours your entire career site will be reflected on HireHunt :)

Sourcing: How you get applicants

There are several ways HireHunt helps you source ideal calibers:

  • You can share your application link or screening email address on your social networks.
  • You can advertise your hunt on social networks with Sourcing Campaigns to reach fresh talent fast. Our Campaigns use cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to learn your preferences of calibers and optimize the advertisement targeting continuously. (Ad budgets start from $35)

Sometimes it may be enough to write a post on social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn to get applicants and hire. The ‘post and pray’ method is nice and cheap, but it doesn’t always work.

Sourcing starts to become a problem when:

  • You are no longer able to get quality applicants from your own networks and usual sourcing channels.
  • Your employer brand is in an early stage so you do not attract enough applicants organically.
  • You are growing fast.
  • You are hiring for hard-to-find positions.

Tip: Before thinking about sourcing, think about who exactly is your ideal ‘caliber’. List all their traits and try to be as specific as possible. Then think about what you are offering that profile. Does the title, job description, salary package, environment match what they would find attractive? Always keep in mind that the strongest calibers have options and will compare your opportunity to others.

Screening: How you identify qualified applicants

HireHunt provides a powerful and fully customizable set of screening technologies that you can build into the ultimate screening process for your organization.

  • You can create Interactive Applications that allow applicants to showcase who they really are and what they are capable of, providing a bias-free way to spot the best matches and provides the best applicant experience available. Hear voice answers, skill scores with games, personality insights, timed missions, etc.
  • You can screen CVs against any position using the CV Screener, which uses our AI relevancy algorithm to determine the best matches with the highest accuracy.
  • You can automatically parse and screen all incoming CVs with Screening Emails. It’s generated for every hunt you create, you can share it everywhere. No more cluttered mailbox and time lost reviewing irrelevant applicants.

Every company has a different screening and interviewing process. It usually involves a mix of phone screening, technical assessments and culture-fit interviews. For small businesses with low hiring needs, screening is not a problem.

Screening starts to become a problem when:

  • You’re getting over 200 applicants for each job post.
  • You’re hiring for over 5 vacancies per month.
  • You’re losing the best talent to competitors who are hiring them faster because you’re taking too long to identify them.

FYI: HireHunt's screening not only saves you a lot of time by automating the process, it also helps you to identify the right person for the job without hiring bias. By putting their performance and answers before their CV and personal info, you can judge their application by what really matters and enjoy a more diverse, stronger workforce.

Applicant Tracking: How you manage vacancies, applicants and interviews

HireHunt gives employers an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that’s light years ahead of the others. Import your entire database, no matter how large, to:

  • Search your own private applicants database to show matches for any position or keyword in seconds with the power of Linguistic Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Add unlimited user accounts with different permissions to collaborate easily on building the applications, automating the process and interview scheduling and reviewing.
  • Chat with any candidate in a private messaging thread to ask questions or get updated info about them to refresh your database.
  • Save candidates into groups, send invitations and messages to bulk recipients.
  • View full interview scheduling calendar with reminders and post-interview reviews.

For small startups, it’s not usually necessary to have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) since there aren’t much applicants to track and usually the founders do all the recruiting.

Applicant Tracking starts to become a problem when:

  • You have over 5,000 CVs stored on your email or computer, making it increasingly difficult to find people and keep track of applications and interview history.
  • Your organization has several recruiters working on more than one vacancy.
  • You’re losing the best talent to competitors who are hiring them faster because you’re taking too long to identify them.

FYI: Any CVs you screen\import with HireHunt are 100% private to you and completely secured. Only in the case that the candidate signs up to HireHunt through other channels and makes their profile public, will they become visible to other employers.

Employer Branding: How you attract the right calibers

Start the relationship right with your next hires. Show your company culture and provide the best applicant experience to turn more visitors into applicants.

  • An instantly installed Careers Site that’s fully customizable to your brand identity. This page, which you can embed on your own website, helps you show what your organization believes in and the people that make it special, with text, videos and photos.
  • Potential candidates are able to apply through the web, or send the applications to their phone to answer in a chat on Facebook Messenger, where you can jump in at any time.
  • Candidates can Follow your Careers Page to get notified of any new positions.
  • Even if visitors do not find an open vacancy for them, they can pitch themselves to you regardless and suggest a position for themselves.
  • When creating hunts, our wizards help you create job descriptions and customizable visuals to help you present a strong representation of the opportunity.

How strong your Employer Brand is, directly affects your sourcing costs. Companies with underdeveloped Employer Brands require high sourcing budgets to reach more people to get a certain amount of applicants.

Millennials are no longer happy to just get a paycheck, they want to work in a place where they are aligned with the mission and vision, where they have a strong culture fit and develop as a professional in a positive environment.

Employer Branding starts to become a problem when:

  • It's taking too long to find the right people.
  • You are paying too much in sourcing costs on job boards and for paid advertisements of your vacancies.
  • You are building a specific culture at your organization and are keen on finding specific character traits in all hires.

Tip: With that being said, our Employer Branding technology helps great environments attract the right people. The best way to develop your employer brand is to treat employees with respect and create a fantastic environment that everyone talks about.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Hunt helps you source and screen applicants for an open position at your company. Creating and activating hunts is how employers find and assess people using HireHunt. Steps to launch a hunt:

  1. Define the position.
  2. Add questions/assessments/assignments for your applicants.
  3. Select the Campaign type and budget to source applicants.
  4. Launch, review, interview, hire in under 2 weeks.

There are three ways you can source talent using HireHunt.

  1. When you activate any hunt, you have access to all the talent on HireHunt. You can invite anyone to apply to your positions. (Paid)
  2. You can launch Campaigns to run advertisements on Facebook with the budget you choose. (Paid)
  3. You can share the application link for any hunt on your social networks or by email. (Free)

  • If you are already able to get many applicants from other sources and you just need a way to screen & rank them to identify the best matches quickly.
  • If you want to keep your job vacancy secret and invite talent yourself.

Hunts stay active for a duration of one month after launching a Campaign. After the month ends, your Hunt will be deactivated and you will not be able to invite any talent from HireHunt. However, you can still receive & view applications that come from other sources (like by sharing the link on Facebook and LinkedIn) with no limits.
HireHunt includes 1000's of out of the box assessments that you can use for any of your active hunts. They include assessments for soft skills as well as technical skills for most common areas in each field. We also provide an Application Wizard, that will suggest the best questions and assessments after asking you a few questions about who you are looking for.
On average it takes 24 hours after launching to start getting applicants. How many qualified applicants you get is directly impacted by:
  • The budget that you allocated to your Campaign (if any).
  • The strength of your employer brand.
  • How attractive and optimised your application is.
Yes of course, you can edit The Application section of your Hunt and write the job description and upload an image that will be displayed in the Campaign ad. If you need help you can contact us directly at admin@hirehunt.com and we'll be happy to help you make the application attractive to your targets :)

It's 100% free to discover talents on HireHunt, save them to groups and even message them. Browse your Talent Feed and search through the Search section to find new & recommended talent. The more you save and interact with talent, the more we will recommend talent that you will like.

As soon as you activate your Hunt you will be able to invite anyone to apply right away.

Also, you can screen up to 100 applicants per month for free using your interactive applications and the CV Screener on HireHunt- but you have to source these applicants yourself by sharing the application link on your social networks or by getting CVs sent to you.