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Software Developer Frequently Asked
What is HireHunt?

HireHunt is an interactive technology platform that uses an innovative experience and cutting edge technology to help companies of all sizes find and identify their next hires, fast. We have created a new digital approach for both the sourcing and the screening stages of the hiring process that has gotten the acclaim of global technologists and experienced HR professionals.

How does HireHunt work?

HireHunt helps you find faster matches for your job vacancies using machine learning and automated online screening. As an employer, you can use HireHunt to find & assess talent by launching Talent Acquisition Campaigns or you can use HireHunt to screen your applicants from all other sources.

Do I pay anything to interview or hire?

No, you don't pay anything to interview or hire. You can interview and hire every single applicant you get for no extra charge, without limits.

Is HireHunt an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Applicant tracking is a standard feature in HireHunt, no matter which subscription you have. You can track, save, tag, import/export, bulk message, group share, review, schedule interviews, etc.

Is HireHunt a job board?

No, HireHunt is not a job board. When you post to a job board you are betting that they already have the right talent. That's why they boast 'millions of CVs' on their homepage. But if they are based on scanning outdated CVs that only exist in their pool, your options are limited. So on HireHunt, we made the entire web our talent pool. That's why any hunt created on HireHunt gives you access to finalists in similar positions and the job ad is also pushed to other networks to source from the freshest channels every time.

Do other employers get access to my applicants?

No other employer has access to your applicants unless they complete their full profile on HireHunt and actively start applying to other jobs.

What assessments can I use on HireHunt?

HireHunt features 1000s of MCQ assessments created by experts in several fields, including: verbal reasoning, personality insights, technical programming tests, comprehension, english language, etc.
All assessments are timed, randomised and raise flags if the user tries to cheat. Plus you can upload your own assessments in your areas of expertise of course.

Can I use both sourcing Hunts plus a screening solution at the same time?

Yes, you are able to combine them if you would like to power both your sourcing and screening to completely crush your competition at hiring.

My company has specific needs. Do you offer customised solutions?

Yes, we often work with organisations of various sizes/industries to put together custom solutions and sometimes even create original games for them to use. Please Contact Us to tell us a bit more and schedule a call or meeting with our team.