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What is HireHunt?

HireHunt is a recruitment automation tool that generates the ideal screening process and candidate experience for over 4,000 job titles.

It’s simple enough to be used by a business owner hiring their first few employees and powerful enough to handle the talent pipelining of dozens of vacancies for a large multinational enterprise.

Using HireHunt, you will be able to easily generate Job Descriptions and Online Applications that can help you score, rank and screen candidates from any source, such as:

  • Applicants that apply directly using a special application link
  • Applicants that send in their resumes by email
  • Applicants from job boards and social media
  • Candidates that you import into your talent database by dropping their resumes into your account

Your applicants will experience one of the highest rated candidate experiences online:

  • Candidates will not have to repeat information already in their resumes when applying.
  • Candidates can view and monitor their progress along a transparent hiring process for each vacancy.
  • Candidates will be provided feedback regarding their application relevancy and answers.
  • Candidates will be guided towards the most relevant vacancies for them, and not necessarily the one they initially tried to apply to.

HireHunt uses machine learning AI along with process automation and interactive, gamified applications to score and rank candidates without bias.

You can rely on one of the thousands of instant hiring workflows or customize every detail of the scoring and screening yourself.

HireHunt can be used as an end-to-end recruitment platform and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or it can be used alongside your existing ATS to provide advanced screening and matching features.

You can use HireHunt as an external recruiter/staffing agency to fill vacancies for others or as an in-house Talent Acquisition department to fill vacancies for your organization.

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