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Getting started as a talent acquisition team

You’ve probably looked at no less than 10 (or maybe 100) other recruitment platforms, haven’t you?

So we’ll spare you the technical jargon and marketing sing-a-longs like “empowering your team” that you’ve read in almost every other solution.

Instead, here are a few ways HireHunt can help:

  • You can add all members of the hiring process in your organization with various permissions and roles.
  • Your recruiters and hiring managers can create Job Descriptions and Online Applications with qualifying questions for any imaginable job role in under 60 seconds. All details can then be customized if necessary.
  • The candidate experience of HireHunt applications does not frustrate your candidates by having them repeat the same info, complete unnecessary tasks, etc. On the contrary, it guides them towards the best matching vacancy for them and provides transparency and feedback. That works wonders for your employer brand with zero effort from your team.
  • You can customize hiring workflows for every vacancy and automate the tasks for every involved recruiter, hiring manager and interviewer.
  • You can automate steps in the screening process and manage every step in the hiring process on the platform.
  • HireHunt can work alongside your ATS as a smart screening and matching tool. We play well with others.

How does that sound?

If you’re interested to explore more, you can start a free trial now to make sure that it is simple to use for your team and effective in the value it can provide. That’s very important to us.

In the meantime, you can involve your procurement team and any other decision makers by contacting us and we are more than happy to provide the policies, testimonials and documentation that will help your organization come to a decision. We look forward to working with you soon.

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