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Getting started as a freelance recruiter

What you do is not easy. We know. As much as you love the work you do, the complexities of the vacancies requirements, the demands and the resume overload sometimes gets too much. To employers you can sometimes feel like a mercenary for hire and other times like a hamster on a wheel. To candidates you are part-bouncer and part-counselor…and that’s a tricky mix.

We’re here to make your life a bit easier.

No technology can replace what you do, just as no technology can ever write a great song.

However, there are tasks that can be automated and friction points that can be eased when your limited time is not the bottleneck (when it doesn’t have to be).

Without any marketing BS, here are a few ways HireHunt can help:

  • You don’t need to manually do data entry for resumes that you receive. Just connect your email or drag and drop resumes and the system will parse them for relevant experience information, contact details, etc.
  • You can get customized job descriptions and online applications with qualifying questions for over 4000 job roles in under 20 seconds.
  • You can keep track of your candidates in groups that allow you to write notes about them, update their status and share them with external hiring managers to get quick feedback.
  • You can quickly rank groups of candidates for your open vacancies to see who are the highest matches based on AI and whatever requirements that you further specify.

Recruitment software is usually bloated and over-priced.

We know. So all it costs to have unlimited screening is $7/month for each job that you need to be active. No hidden fees.

If you often have more than 5 requisitions active at the same time or you work with a group of other recruiters, it’s probably better to go for the $35/month subscription which will give you 5 active jobs, 3 user accounts, a careers page and the ability to get voice answers from applicants.

How does that sound?

To get started, you just need to signup with a recruiter account here. Once you confirm your email, you can choose the email address for your HireHunt account (which will parse resumes for you) and then go ahead and start adding jobs. You can try before you buy with one job (for up to 50 applicants). Easy peasy.

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