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Share and review candidates with hiring managers

Hiring is often a collaborative process that involves several people to take decisions at different parts.

When shortlists are generated from applicants, you can share the group of candidates with an external hiring manager to get their quick feedback on those candidates in that group.

This removes the need of back and forth emails just to gather comprehensive feedback about which candidates should move forward and which candidates are not a good fit and why.

To share a group of candidates with any external users, you click the ‘Share’ button in the group and select ‘Public Link’. This will open the externally accessible link to the group. Anyone who has this link will be able to browse the candidates within that group and provide feedback.

There are several options that are useful when sharing a group of candidates:

  • You can choose to show or hide the contact information of the resume.
  • You can choose to show or hide the extra information about the candidate such as your notes, their relevancy score, answers to the application questions, etc.

When a review is submitted for one of your candidates, you will receive an email notification so you can check the feedback.

To add a review yourself about a candidate in a group, just click ‘Shortcuts’ from their candidate icons and then ‘Review’.

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