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Screen candidates resumes by experience and location

There are many different options when deciding which candidates to consider for a job.

Most of the time the job will require some relevance from the applicant in terms of their experience and skillset. And if the position is not a remote position, then allowing candidates that do not reside in the same location to be part of the same applicant pool just adds to the noise that recruiters must dig through just to form a first shortlist.

It’s extremely easy to add requirements to any job on HireHunt to screen candidates by relevancy and location. All you need to do is head to the ‘Basic Requirements’ tab through the quick share popup (or by clicking ‘Edit Job’) and toggle the ‘Relevant to Candidate Persona’ and ‘Location’ options. That’s it!

Any one who applies to the job (by completing the online application or by sending their CV) and is both relevant to the job title and is located in the same city will pass into the ‘Screened’ stage automatically. You can still manually review all applicants who do not pass screening, HireHunt does not reject or take any actions on your behalf.

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