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Convert resumes into a spreadsheet or call sheet

Most likely your email inbox and computer drive is full of resumes files that you got from various sources in various formats.

If you’re looking to avoid a few hours of manual data entry in adding the details of each candidate resume to a spreadsheet so you can track their progress, HireHunt can help.

All you need to do is create a new group and then drag and drop resumes from your computer into the group. Voila! HireHunt will parse the resumes, extract the contact information and other relevant details about their experience and skills and add them to the group for you.

From here, you can start using this group directly to track progress or use it as a call sheet to easily add notes after calling the candidates.

If you want to export the details into an Excel Spreadsheet to handle your process there, it’s as simple as selecting ‘Export to Excel’ in the options menu. Your spreadsheet will download immediately.

Before exporting you can even format which columns will appear in the table and their order.

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