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Sharing the Job

Congrats! You’ve created a job quickly and easily and now it’s time to start using the power of HireHunt.

At this point you have an ‘Application Link’ and ‘Email’ that you can copy and start sharing on your social and professional networks to start getting applicants. Anyone who applies either using the application link or by sending their CV/resume to this email (with the provided code in the subject line) will be added to the applicants for this job, scored and ranked and you will be notified by email to review their application.

What has been generated for you will:

  1. Identify if the application has overall relevancy to this job and any other “must have” requirements.
  2. Check for additional skills, competencies and linguistic profile that matches the overall persona of a matching candidate to rank them for you accordingly.

The exact settings of your application questions and candidate experience have been generated for you based on the Candidate Persona and any of your prior selections.

You can fully adjust all details of the candidate experience and application process yourself before starting to share your vacancy externally.

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