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Screening Settings

The goal of HireHunt is to help you go from “thousands of resumes” to “relevant applicants” to “qualified, verified shortlists” as quickly as possible.

We do not believe in systems automatically rejecting applicants.

However, we believe in highlighting those who possess the basic requirements so they can move to the next stage and so you can identify the top matches quicker than your competition.

That way, the top matches will move forward quickly and those who do not meet the basic requirements will be guided towards vacancies that are more matching to them. Everyone wins.

Basic Requirements

The basic requirements are the criteria that are used to determine if an applicant should automatically be placed in the ‘Screened group’ and served with the next stage of application questions (if any).

These Basic Requirements settings are not publicly disclosed to candidates. The basic requirements settings are used in the ‘Smart Application and ‘Standard Application’ settings.

When you update and save these settings, you can test a CV in the ‘Test it!’ tab of your job. This will quickly verify to you if the current settings are optimized for your objectives.

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