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How to add a job

So you’ve got a job vacancy. Maybe it’s at your own company or you’re hiring for another organization. Maybe it’s your twentieth open requisition or this is the first time you have ever hired anyone.

Either way, you’re going to need a solid understanding of the job that you’re hiring for, a consistent and efficient process of scoring and ranking applicants and a candidate experience that makes it easy for them to apply and track their progress.

HireHunt helps with that full process and it all starts with adding a job.

If you’ve just created your account, this is what you should see:

Just click the “New job” button to start adding a new job.

Once you do, you can write the job name. Don’t worry if your exact title is not appearing in the dropdown box, the next step will allow you to choose the closest Candidate persona for your job vacancy, regardless of the exact title you are using.

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