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Candidate Experience

A positive candidate experience not only provides a positive start to a relationship with your future talent that enhances your employer brand, it also attracts a higher amount of your target calibers to complete the application process.

A bad candidate experience and application process will see a very high drop off in completed applicants. This will cause you to waste a lot of money promoting your vacancy online.

A smooth and optimized candidate experience and application process will allow a huge increase in completed, relevant applications at a lower cost.

If we put ourselves in a job-seekers shoes, it’s easy to understand that they absolutely HATE:

  • Having to repeat the same information over and over again when it’s already on their resume.
  • Not knowing how their application is matching the vacancy.
  • Not knowing where they stand in the process and what to expect.
  • Being asked to complete long technical assessments before getting any kind of interaction or positive feedback to continue.

Application Process

With that in mind, we set out to create three Application Process templates that will work best in all cases to provide this optimum candidate experience tailored to the vacancy and guide them towards their best opportunity.

The Smart Application

  1. Candidate submits CV (online or by email). Profile information is extracted and reviewed with AI.
  2. If CV passes screening, move to next stage right away to answer any further ranking questions.
  3. If CV does not pass screening, candidate has the option to answer the screening questions directly or view matching vacancies in your company (talent pipelining).

The Standard Application

  1. Candidate must answer the screening questions directly.
  2. If application passes screening, they move to next stage right away to answer any further ranking questions.
  3. If they fail screening, they can view matching vacancies in your company (talent pipelining).

The CV/Resume Application

  1. Candidate submits CV (online or by email) without answering any questions.
  2. Their relevancy score and ranking is displayed to be manually reviewed by your team to take further action (to qualify, reject, etc.).
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