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Application Questions

Application Questions on HireHunt are used to:

  • Identify if the applicant has the required basic qualifications
  • Get information about the applicant’s capabilities to help rank them
  • Get insights about the applicant’s personality and culture fit

You can place your questions in the Screening Questions section (which is accessible to all applicants) or in the Ranking Questions section. When a candidate passes screening, they will be sent a notification to complete the ranking questions(if any).

This way, you are not creating one long grueling application for everyone. You are dividing your questions into two main stages to improve the candidate experience and also give those pass the initial screening stage more of an incentive to complete the remaining questions which may be technical and require more time than the first stage.

The kinds of questions you can add to your application:

  • Text answer
  • Multiple choice answer
  • Voice answer
  • Video answer
  • File upload
  • Assignment (sent later by email)

When adding a ‘multiple choice’ question you have these settings that you can use:

  • Knockout : disqualify this candidate from passing screening if they answer incorrectly.
  • Tag: automatically add this candidate to a group based on their answer. This helps with categorizing candidates for your general talent pool that you can use when pipelining or searching for candidates later.

For any type of question you can add a “Timer” that sets a time limit for the candidate to answer.

Also, you can set the “points” to reflect the weight of that question in the scoring.

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