Screen CVS

Import any number of CVs to instantly identify top matches against any job title with AI relevancy.


Create interactive applications to assess your applicants and learn more about them before the interview.

Email Screeners

Get applicants ranked instantly every time an applicant sends their CV by email.

Applicant Tracking

  • Private talent database
  • Search with filters & boolean
  • Instant messaging
  • Bulk actions
  • Share profiles or groups for feedback

Matching System

  • Talent pipelines for jobs
  • Instant shortlists
  • Rank applicants with AI
  • Customise matching and scoring
  • Create custom matching with reference candidates

Online Applications

  • Assessment generator
  • Voice answers
  • Chatbot interviews
  • Gamification points, badges and stages
  • Google Jobs optimised (SEO)

Email Address

  • Sorts and filters CVs
  • Profile info extracted
  • Auto-reply messages
  • Automations based on keywords

Careers Site

  • Attractive templates
  • Live editing preview
  • Add videos, photos and your employer branding
  • List open vacancies
  • Allow talents to subscribe to your notifications
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Reduce costs

Rediscover relevant talent in your database to prevent unnecessary sourcing costs.

Increase efficiency

Fill more positions by automating up to 70% of the repetitive tasks that usually waste your time.

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